Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Installing an outdoor lighting system from Rivage Landscaping LLC offers the opportunity to discover the true potential of your landscape well after sunset. Custom designed landscaping lighting systems reveal the hidden beauty of your property. It also greatly adds to the safety, security and value of your property. Safety and aesthetics play a key role in this increasingly popular area of landscape lighting design.

Using down-lighting, up-lighting, accent and path lighting elevates your nighttime landscape to a whole new level. Lighting should never be intrusive. The experts at Rivage Landscaping are specially trained in the artistry of subtle landscape lighting.

Rivage Landscaping offers design and installation of custom lighting systems. Only highest quality products are used including Unique and Vista Pro brand fixtures. Depending on your need we may recommend hand-crafted specialty fixtures.

Custom Design

We will meet with you to discuss your individual lifestyle and needs. We consider that landscape changes over time try to plan for future needs.


Landscape lighting Installation by trained personnel using state-of-the-art materials and techniques in a timely fashion, with minimum disruption.


We offer bulb replacements, fixture adjustments, updating and system additions, adhering to the integrity of the original design.

Why Outdoor Landscape Lighting?

  • Provides added night security
  • Extends your living environment
  • Enhances architecture and landscaping
  • Increases real estate value

Why Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?

  • Requires 2/3 less power than high voltage systems
  • 1/4 the cost of installing a high voltage system
  • Safer (reduced risk of electrical shock)
  • Less obtrusive fixtures
  • Enables cleaner installations
  • Energy efficient bulbs