You've made an investment in your landscape for the enjoyment, beauty and value of your home or business. A custom irrigation system is the final step for the care of your landscape whether you're home or away. At Rivage Landscaping LLC, we are continuously educated in the latest and most efficient irrigation products. We are dedicated to provide service after installation, ensuring your system performs efficiently.


We design individual systems specifically to meet your needs.

  • Lawn Areas: Overhead watering is provided by a variety of spray heads and rotors to provide precise watering for large areas.
  • Planting Beds: Drip Irrigation products are tailored to meet the specific needs of a variety of plantings, conserve water by applying directly to root zone and promote overall plant health.
  • Products: We are proud to offer Netafim™, Hunter™ and Rainbird™ products for their consistent high quality and versatility.



  • Spring: Our technicians start up and run your system to check pump and back flow run properly. We run through each lawn zone, adjust and repair as needed, check drip zones and program a schedule on the irrigation controller.
  • Monthly Monitoring - We will check to ensure system is running properly, for potential watering issues and make adjustments to the schedule on the irrigation controller as necessary.
  • Winterization - Rivage Landscaping LLC ensures the entire system is clear of all potential freezing. In doing so we use a commercial grade compressor to run through each zone, winterize the pump and secure it according to clients specifications.